At anchor Hatea River

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 9 Nov 2020 03:52

Position: 35 44.42S  174 21.00E
At anchor off  Kissing Point, Hatea River
Wind: NE F3.
Weather: Mostly cloudy, passing rain squalls
Sea: calm

We have spent the last week at anchor working on all the numerous jobs that inevitably need doing after an extensive refit. One relatively major problem has been the engine wiring to the control panel, largely associated with corrosion of the two connecting plugs between the two. After tearing some of my thinning grey hair out, I decided that the easiest thing to do was to rewire the whole system. That has now been done and I am hoping it will not give any more trouble for some time to come.

Another problem with the engine appears to be air in the fuel system. I suspect it has something to do with the fuel return line but have not had this problem before so am puzzled as to why it has arisen now.

Another task has been just getting the boat provisioned, stowed, and generally sorted. And some minor cabinet work has needed completing, such as fitting of hinges and catches. These tasks have now been mostly completed.

And a final task is to do something about Kate’s truck which has been our home for the last seven months. Kate wants to install a sink so that she can obtain a self-containment certificate. This certificate provides a lot more flexibility for where it can be parked and will likely make it easier to sell. So, we will probably dedicate a day or two to the truck before being ready to leave, which, hopefully, will be later in the week.

All is well.