Sails and Keyboards

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 22 Dec 2009 22:25

Alongside Mar del Plata
Weather: Partly cloudy, mild

This morning I got the sails off and bagged for the sail maker then went for an explore with the main objective of finding a store which sells computer keyboards with a function key. No success I am afraid but I was provided with an address for a store some distance from here. I might try and get there tomorrow. The local computer store I did find was closed for an afternoon siesta when I got there so I had close to two hours to kill. I ended up for a part of the time in a small grocery shop attempting to talk to the owners and one of their customers. Despite the language barrier we managed to have a good time for half an hour or so. It seems a large percentage of the population in Mar del Plata is of Italian origins, as were the owners of the shop, many fishermen fleeing here during WW2. The customer, an elderly gentleman, was originally Polish and had left his homeland with his parents when he was six. The elderly gentleman actually gave me a hug when I left, in that short time it seems we had become quite good friends. That was nice.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

While the skipper is out on the town having a good time I am back on board working as hard as ever. It’s a good thing my work is my passion. . . . Zzzzzzzz.