Home of the Royal Albatross

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 18 Dec 2020 00:22
Noon positions: 44 00.2 S 173 36.2 E
Course: SW Speed 6.5 knots
Wind: NE F4 Sea: moderate Swell: SE 2m/NE 1m
Weather: mostly sunny, cool
Day’s run: 159 nm

We ended up doing another two hours of motoring yesterday afternoon before the forecast SE’ly started to pick up at about 1600, eventually backing around into the NE at 0300 this morning. Since then we have been running square, wing-on-wing, making good about 6.5 knots giving Sylph an excellent day’s run of 159nm.

Now we are getting south into the roaring forties. The air is significantly cooler with Kate and I breaking out some of our cold weather clothing for the night watches. This forenoon we have been privileged to watch several seabirds, prions, shearwaters and albatross, soaring the breeze and swells. Thus far we have seen quite a few Royal Albatross but, perhaps unsurprisingly given their endangered status, no great Wanderers have crossed our wake. According to my copy of Peter Harrison’s ‘Seabirds’, the Royals only breed in the New Zealand sector and range from the southern coast of Australia to the west coast of South America. Certainly, they are magnificent to watch.

Our last forecast has the NE’ly holding until late this evening with variable winds tomorrow. The plan remains to keep heading south while the breeze remains fair. Next port to be advised.
All is well.