Playing in the Sandpit

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 23 Mar 2011 05:40
Position: 15 33.65 S 146 14.49 W
Hauled out Apataki Carenage
Wind: East nor' east, F3 Gentle breeze
Weather: Partly cloudy, warm
Day's Run: 0.5 nm (part land)

A sailing acquaintance recently remarked that having one's boat hauled at the carenage is like playing in the sandbox, and always with good company. Well there is the element of fun in messing around with your boat and being amongst like minded people for a short while, but as I once again found myself getting intimate with Sylph's nether regions, saying to myself, “Didn't I just do this?”, by the end of the day covered in anti-fouling flakes and dust with about a quarter done, I didn't feel like I was actually having too much fun just yet. I hope I will get a good break between this slipping and the next. I have often jested that cruising is the art of doing yacht maintenance in exotic locations but this is getting ridiculous.

At least the conditions here a little more pleasant than Puerto Montt, it is warm, it isn't raining and windy, and when I am feeling hot and dusty I can just walk down to the water and go for a swim . The facilities as mentioned are pretty basic, no shower, but they have filled up a big drum beside my boat which I use to wash myself with, so not too bad.

Tonight I will have an early night and hopefully get a good start on the day tomorrow so as to make the most of our time here.

All is well.