Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 30 Aug 2014 07:00
Alongside St Paul Harbor, Kodiak
Weather: mostly sunny, mild

Today dawned clear and sunny, so I used it to get a second coat of paint on some rust spots that I had started working on earlier in the week. I am pleased that I was at least able to get one more coat on, barely enough, before heading back out to sea. Much of the rest of the day I used to get Sylph back in order so that we will be ready to sail tomorrow. We are topped up with water and fuel, and most of the gear that ends up scattered about the place while alongside has been stowed, so it should only take me an hour or so to have Sylph ready to sail in the morning.

Later in the afternoon I hiked over to Near Island where Nomzamo is being prepared for the winter. I was lucky to find Howard on board and had a brief chat while two men worked over our heads building a veritable house made of a timber frame covered in heat shrink plastic to protect Nomzamo from the winter snows. While we talked a young man with a black beard in khaki overalls played a heat gun powered by what sounded like a jet engine over our heads on the white plastic sheeting that was slowly cocooning the vessel. Howard and Lorraine were taking no chances to ensure that their valuable asset would be in good order for the summer's sailing when they return next year.

I wonder where Sylph and her crew will be when they get back.

All is well.