Snug Cove

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 13 Jun 2021 02:20

Position: 37 04.35 S   149 54.01 E
Moored Snug Cove, Twofold Bay
Wind: WSW, F4   Sea: slight  Swell: negligible
Weather: sunny, cool
Days run: 49 nm

Conditions continued mostly fair for the remainder of our passage to Twofold Bay, though the breeze abandoned us a couple of times, perhaps wind shadows cast from the land. The calms were only short lived however, requiring commensurately short periods of motoring to get us through them.

We passed Worang Point, the northern headland leading into Twofold Bay, at 2100, close hauled to the cool light breeze coming off the land, the stars once more lighting the sky brilliantly, the slither moon having set in close company with Venus shortly after the sun. The wind here abandoned us one more time. I started the BRM, handed sail, and motored the remaining two and a half miles into Snug Cove, tracking down the leads at minimal revs for the last leg.

There are quite a few boats moored in Snug Cove, mostly unlit, and often a few at anchor, generally showing anchor lights but not always. I shone the spotlight around as we approached which lit up a few boats quite close by, but also, once again, a vacant public mooring. How handy! Again we were able to simply drift onto it, its picking up rope conveniently draped over a hook on a pole attached to the buoy so that the eye of the mooring line was at pulpit height, not only convenient for picking up but also making for a nice dry line to handle rather than the usual wet, slimy rope that has to be fished out of the water with a boat hook.

How many times have I been in Snug Cove, I wondered. Seven times looking at the tracks on my blog, plus a few more time in my pre-blog era. I feel nostalgia creeping in. Shaking it off and looking forward …

The weather forecast looks good for a Monday morning departure to make for Port Phillip, but the other harder to predict variable is what the COVID status of Melbourne will be on arrival. I shall have to work out a plan B.

All is well.