But Not Making Way

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 29 May 2014 03:52

Noon Position: 37 06.3 N 134 17.5 E
Course: North east. Speed: 1.4 knots
South west, F1, light air (just)
Weather: sunny with haze, warm
Day's run: 54 nm

Despite a promising start, yesterday was a real disappointment. The wind dropped off shortly after midday and has yet to return. I have had sails up and down but with the residual swell they slatted horribly, and so I ended up drifting overnight with just a little bit of jib out to catch any breeze that might have been around. Fortunately the current is in our favour, which is running at about a knot, otherwise our day's run would have been much less.

Overnight the sea has died down quite a bit. I tried the mainsail out earlier but it still crashed and banged about, so have given up on that. Now I have the drifter up and a bit of jib poled out to catch the zephyr that is barely a breeze. At least we are drifting in roughly the right direction. It would seem that it is going to take us longer to get to Kushiro than I had hoped.

All is well.