Alongside Sisimuit

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 26 Jul 2008 21:04
Position: 66 56.44 N 053 40.56 W
Alongside Sisimuit
Wind: North, light breeze
Weather: Sunshine.

The wind gradually strengthened overnight, still from the north and this
morning the air temperature dropped as did the sea temperature, the result -
fog. By mid-morning the wind had freshened to force 5 and seemed to be
increasing, we were punching into it, with the cold sea temperature (about 1
degree C) I was concerned about the possibility of icebergs, and with the
fog I was having to keep a continuous lookout - and it was cold and damp.
Obviously I could not keep this up indefinitely. As it was I had been up
all last night, catching no more than 20 minute naps, so I looked at the
charts and guides to see where we could stop. Sisimuit looked a good
option, it was less than three hours away, I could ease sheets a little to
get there making the ride a bit more comfortable and there was the
possibility I could get a beer there. As we approached the harbour the fog
cleared, the sun came out and the wind dropped leaving us becalmed with
about half a mile to go. I found my way into the small fishing harbour
where another yacht was tied up to a fishing boat. I asked permission to
come alongside which the crew gave, and I was just about to come alongside
when the boat's skipper returned on board from ashore and told me he wanted
to move his boat to get some fuel. So I hauled off, waited till he had
moved to the fuel wharf, then came alongside the fishing boat. As I touched
alongside a cloud of flies rose from the fishing boat's decks, it was
putrid. I wondered whether the other boat thought it would be good to have
me in between them and the flies. I gave the flies a good dose of fly
spray, this seems to have slowed them own a bit, the problem being a couple
of fish baskets which have not been cleaned out. Not to worry, it beats
being out there, cold, wet, tired and worrying about icebergs.
By the way Sisimuit is just above the Arctic Circle, another first for me
and old Sylph.
We will see what the weather forecast tells me for tomorrow and then decide
whether to push on.
All is well.

Bob Cat:

I am too tired to write, I've been working out non-stop for close to 36
hours, and I can't stop now.