No Wind, No Rudder!

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 26 Jul 2011 04:46
14.00 Position: 33 30.9 S  151 25.6 E
Course: South
sou' west Speed: 1 knot
South east, F1 light air
becoming cloudy, cool
Day run: 100 nm

I am afraid I must report that the modification to the wind vane rudder was not exactly a raging success. As the wind picked up last night and Sylph built up a little speed the rudder's tendency to pull to one side became more and more marked. I countered it with some bungy cord and by lashing the wheel over to one side and we thus managed to hold a reasonably steady course overnight. And with the fresh westerly breeze we made some good ground. Early this morning however I noticed that the while the wind vane was hard over and should have been bringing Sylph back on course she was in fact tending to round up in to the wind. I looked over the stern and much to my dismay it was obvious that the wind vane rudder was no longer attached to its rudder head. After some fiddling around I managed to keep Sylph on course but at 11 a.m. when the wind had died away I dropped the rudder off as it was doing more harm than good. I retrieved the rudder back on board but it looks like it is not going to be worth trying to fix ; it will only cost a whole heap more dollars and there will be no guarantee that it will ever work. So I have concluded not to throw good money after bad and will reluctantly have to import the genuine part from Canada. Bother!

Sydney town is in sight, the conspicuous Centrepoint Tower is clearly visible though we still have about 20 miles to go. I have resorted to the motor for a bit and will do so again later. For now I am having a break and some lunch.

All is well.