Getting There - Slowly.

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 22 Nov 2008 16:59
November 22, 2008
Noon Position: 32 37.2 N 061 42.1 W
Course: North Speed: 3.5 knots
Wind: West Nor'west, strong breeze
Weather: sunny, warm.
Day's Run: 91 miles

We are slowly getting closer to Bermuda, managed to make some miles in the
right direction overnight but now we have strong winds battering us again
from the direction which we wish to go, so for now I am just tying to ride
out the worst of it and not lose too much ground. Tomorrow the winds should
ease and veer into the north, that should make for a fair wind for the
remaining passage to Bermuda. At this stage I'd say we will get there early

The seas have grown quite steep over the last few hours but old Sylph seems
to be handling them well. We are down to a double reefed mainsail and a
tiny scrap of jib so we are taking the seas broad on the bow at a
comfortable speed riding over most of them with minimal fuss, spray regular
drenches the decks but only the odd sea is breaking heavily over us.

I want to turn around soon but would rather wait until the wind starts to
ease before trying to manoeuvre so will hang on for now. My biggest
challenge this afternoon has been balancing smoked oysters on my
crackers while writing this blog. (I did give BC one but he wasn't interested.)

Bob Cat:

Smoked oysters! Hrrmmpph! Tuna is what I want, what's so difficult about
that? Goodness we must be surrounded by the things, but can I get a small
portion of one in my dinner plate? It seems not.

Well it is not in my nature to be grumpy and ungrateful, so when I start
feeling this way I immediately calm my mind and . . yawn . Zzzzzzzz.

All is well.