Departed Adelaide

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 21 Jan 2013 05:23

1400 Position: 34 58.3 S 138 27.2 E
Course: South sou' east Speed 4 knots
Wind: South west F4 moderate breeze
Weather: sunny and warm

We, that is the usual culprits, Sylph, me and RC, but also my brother John, have taken our departure. John joined me last night and we enjoyed a meal and a yarn at my favourite Adelaide pub, the Railway Hotel, then retired for the night to be up early this morning.  Though we were perhaps not exactly bright eyed and bushy tailed, certainly we arose with plenty of zeal to be underway. We topped up with some fuel, paid the marina bill and were motoring down the Port Adelaide River and out to sea at 9.40 am.  We are now out in the Gulf, we have a headwind but the sun is shining and the seas are sparkling blue, so still very pleasant. We are aiming for Kangaroo Island where we expect to arrive tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, RC it seems has lost his sea legs, giving up his breakfast all over the cabin sole, but he has now found a comfortable spot in amongst the sail bags on the quarterberth, which is very salty of him, so I am expecting a quick recovery.

All is well.