Day Thirteen - Stitches Out

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 27 Dec 2021 01:31
Noon Position: 46 35.2 S 160 21.1 E
Course: ESE Speed: 6.5 knots
Wind: SSW, F4 Sea: moderate
Swell: SW, 3 meters
Weather: mostly sunny, cool
Day's Run: 159 nm

The wind eased a little and backed into the SW yesterday evening, and further into the SSW this morning. The shift in wind put Sylph on a beam reach which meant the pole had to come down and the jib shifted to the port side, and the reduction in wind speed allowed us to shake out the second reef in the main and unroll a bit more jib.
The sky is blue dotted with small white cotton wool cumulus clouds. The odd rain squall has been going through, not strong enough to need sail to be reduced but neither carrying enough rain to add to the fresh water supply. However, I remain hopeful and have the rain bucket secured to the gooseneck with a water container lashed to the base of the mast, ready to fill if a more serious rain cloud passes over. I keep a weather eye to windward.
I took the stitches out of my hand this morning.

All is well.