Day 134 – Patchy Paint Work

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 26 Apr 2022 08:58
Noon Position: 01 42.4 N 068 32.0 E
Course: NNE Speed: 4 knots
Wind: W F3 Sea: slight
Swell: SW 0.5m
Weather: sunny, hot, humid
Day’s Run: 98nm

The wind continues light and steady from the west and we continue to make steady progress towards Minicoy Island, though not quite making our standard 100 mile daily run. I expect these conditions to remain much the same for the next month or so, maybe freshening a little as the SW monsoon becomes more established. Apart from the heat and humidity, the sailing is sedate and relaxing, a far cry from the roaring forties and furious fifties (though I think the southerly oceans were relatively kind to Sylph and her crew). If we can continue an average daily run in the order of 100 miles I will be well content.
I applied a top-coat to my paint patches this forenoon. Unfortunately I have run out of the right colour for the topsides and these patches have been done in a lighter colour, so I regret that Sylph will not be entering harbour on completion of this voyage in quite the Bristol fashion as I was hoping. Still, at least she will have a few less rust streaks.
All is well.