Down the Pub

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 23 Jul 2011 04:51
At anchor Tuncurry Channel, Cape Hawke Harbour
South sou' west, F3-4 gentle to fresh breeze
Overcast, rain, cool

Went to the pub last night to enjoy a bit of company. Ended up by the fire talking to Dennis, an elderly Harley Davison bikie, originally from Manchester, his father rode a Norton during WW2 as a despatch rider; his friend Leah, an outgoing and cheerful lady, and her daughter Beck (short for Rebecca). Despite some rather alarming background material I learnt over the course of the evening in between the band's sessions, which, if nothing else, was very loud, Dennis and Leah seemed to me to be very nice people. I can't say much about Beck as I didn't really speak to her.  I must have enjoyed myself because I rather impulsively gave away my copy of “The Idiot” to someone I thought might enjoy it, doing my small part to raise the standard of literacy in Australia.

This morning I went ashore to collect my shoes which I had absent mindedly left on the slip way after changing them for my sea boots for the dinghy row back to Sylph, and also to purchase another copy of “The Idiot”. I had to laugh when I looked at the receipt later, which read, “1 Idiot $6.95”. I wonder if that is a fair price for an idiot.

All is well.