Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 13 Apr 2019 23:00

Position: 41 14.28 S  146 56.19 E
At anchor off Deviot
Wind: calm  Sea: calm. Swell: nil
Weather: clear and mild
Day’s run:  10 nm

Today another pleasant afternoon of motoring up the Tamar River on the flood tide in calm sunny weather.  Our destination was Deviot where Kate was interested in a property and nearly lay a small yacht club. We arrived off Deviot at about 14.30 then looked for a place to anchor where we could get ashore.  Unfortunately, where the river was shallow enough to anchor was taken up with private properties to the water.  Eventually after poring over Google Earth we picked a spot and hoped for the best. Once ashore we tied up the dinghy to a rock and looked for a way through to the road. Fortunately where we had landed a new residence was being built so we were able to make our way through it to the road without disturbing any of the locals. 

From the road we hiked a short distance to the Deviot Sailing Club where Kate struck up a conversation with one of its members, Tony (who we suspect was the Commodore),  The club was just finishing a race day out on the river and Tony invited us back to their small club house for a beer once everyone had tidied up. This seemed a good way to get to know some locals so we accepted his kind invitation and continued up the road to look at the property that Kate had been interested in. Unfortunately it had recently been sold but we figured it wouldn’t hurt to have a look and get an idea of the area, and it was a good excuse for a leg stretch.

Back at the sailing club we enjoyed the company of the members and as well as simply enjoying the sociality, Kate managed to find out quite a bit about the local real estate market.  We also met with Grant, who works at the Gravelly Beach slipway, so we found out a bit of firsthand information about this facility.

As sunset approached, we thought we had best be on our way. We hiked back to the dinghy and I was glad I had taken the precaution of tying it up as the tide had come in and it was well and truly afloat.  Back on board Kate cooked us a delicious meal of ‘home’ cooked baked beans. A glass of wine, a movie, and a warm bunk to turn into finished off a very pleasant day.

Tomorrow we will continue up the river a little ways, probably to Gravelly Beach.

All is well.