Departing Soon

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 12 Jul 2021 02:37

Moored Victor Harbor
Wind: NW  F4   Sea: slight   Swell: negligible
Weather: partly sunny, cool

The plan is to depart here at 1500. We will still have headwinds all the way to Adelaide but the wind is forecast to ease this evening so, again, hopefully they will prove not to be too uncomfortable. Also, leaving here at around 1500 should have us entering Backstairs Passage around midnight which is the time slack water. If we arrive before then we will have an ebb stream and with a headwind will likely and up tacking back and forth across the strait going nowhere. If we arrive much later, while we will have a favourable flood stream, it will be contrary to the wind and likely kick up a nasty sea, something I would also like to avoid if possible. Of course, as Field Marshall von Moltke once said, “no plan survives contact with the enemy.”

Victor Harbor will have been a short but enjoyable stop over. It has allowed us to avoid some fresh headwinds and an opportunity for me to catch up with my oldest friend (as in duration, not age). Hopefully we will have further opportunities for some time together while I continue Sylph’s maintenance in Adelaide over the next few months in preparation for our next adventure.

All is well.