A Good Run?

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 22 Dec 2010 23:50

20.00 Position: 24 19.2 S 070 36.5 W
Course: 000 Speed: 3 knots
Wind: Southwest, F2 light air
Weather: overcast, mild
Days Run: 50 miles

As has proven to be the pattern in this part of the world as night wore on so the breeze wore out, and by midnight we were becalmed, had handed all sail and were simply drifting with the current. During my watch from 21.00 to midnight I had managed a mere 1.7 miles.  Martina did a little better from midnight ’til three, setting the jib again at one she managing 1.9 miles, then I squeezed another 1.6 miles from the morning watch, 3.00 ‘til 6.00, and as daylight gathered so the wind ever so slowly picked up, Martina 6 ‘til 9 - 4.9 miles, Bob 9 ‘til 12 - 5.1 miles, and at last come the afternoon we had the best breeze we have seen for quite a while, running along at four to five knots with the drifter set to one side and the jib to the other. In the end we have made quite a respectable 50 miles over the last 24 hours which, given the persistent light winds, I am very happy with.

All is well.

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