Youth Trophy

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 19 Sep 2022 08:58
Position: Alongside RSAYS
Wind: calm Sea: calm Swell: nil
Weather: mostly sunny, mild

The Cruising Fraternity of the RSAYS has, in its wisdom, decided to award me the "Youth Trophy" for my non-stop world circumnavigation, which of course is a very nice honour. Obviously the trophy is not about being young but rather is named after a boat named "Youth", which was owned by RSAYS member Alan Quigly who completed a very adventurous eighteen year circumnavigation in her way back in the '60s and 70's. And I am guessing that Alan named his boat after Joseph Conrad's novel "Youth".
The award is being presented next Friday night (23 September) so, while Sylph and I are basically ready to throw of the dock lines and go sailing again, for now we will have to bide our time. And then, as previously mentioned, there is also my commitment to Brindabella, helping John and Brigid get her fully operational for the summer season. In the meantime I fill my days mostly with general boat maintenance and with a bit of socialising at the club.
Oli remains content.

All is well.