Day 153 – Light Airs

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 15 May 2022 07:01
Noon Position: 07 26.4 S 095 47.6 E
Course: S by W Speed: 3 knots
Wind: SE Force 2
Sea: slight Swell: S 2m
Weather: sunny, hot
Day’s Run: 98 nm

Despite very light winds Sylph has still managed to post a respectable day’s run of just under 100 miles. For most of yesterday afternoon and overnight the wind has remained a steady force three from the ESE, allowing us to continue to just make the lay line for Cocos-Keeling Islands. However, this morning the winds have eased to barely force two, and veered a little into the SE causing Sylph’s head to fall away to a little west of south. Sylph continues to make good two to three knots but if the winds get any lighter then most likely we will make zero headway into this annoyingly persistent two meter S’ly swell.
Looking at today’s weather fax I think we have been quite lucky with the winds so far. The doldrums seem to have re-established themselves to the north of us, like big eddies swirling off in the wake of Sumatera. Hopefully they will remain there. Meanwhile the further south we get then, at least in theory, the fresher the SE trades should become. What happens in practice we shall have to wait and see while maintaining a sailor’s unflappable stoic outlook, or at least as close an approximation as I can muster.
All is well.