Long Day

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 24 Nov 2009 23:56
Alongside Salvador
Weather: Sunny and warm

It has been a long day, This morning I got up early to take advantage of the morning calm to hoist the mainsail and ensure that it was ready for sea. This did not take long, I fitted the reef lines and checked the battens, all looked well so I lowered and re-stowed it. As I was stretching it along the boom preparatory to putting the sail cover on I tore it along the leech again in a different spot from the repairs, this should of course not be possible with a sail in good condition. I have to say I was not at all surprised and rather then go through the trouble of unbending the sail again, which takes a couple of hours with a full-battened main, and harassing the sail maker I decided to repair it myself, not to mention the likely delays and additional costs involved. This took up a good part of the morning but all was fixed by 9.30 a.m. and I am pretty happy with the repair. I wonder how much further this old sail is going to take me, I suspect not too far at all. Fortunately I have plenty of sail fabric on board, salvaged from the remnants of a jib that we shredded in a strong wind up Labrador way a couple of years back

Then I walked to the supermarket, about thirty minutes away and had a big shop to re-victual the boat in preparation for the next leg of our voyage. Caught a taxi back, paid my marina bill and then stowed all the goods. Once that was completed I filled the water tanks which takes a while, the water from the dock is not considered potable so I filter it and then sterilize it in containers, 10 litres at a time before pouring it into the tanks. So far I have experienced no tummy troubles, touch wood.

The dinghy is back on deck, yet to be lashed, but it was getting dark and I was getting tired. Only a few more things to do to get ready for sea, will complete those in the morning and then clear out. So expect to be underway sometime in the afternoon.

This evening I treated myself to a meal out and a few beers, very enjoyable. Strolling back in the balmy night air, I came across four people sleeping soundly under a tree on cardboard mattresses, each using some part of the other's anatomy for a pillow. It rained heavily on Sunday night and when I went ashore on Monday morning to get some cash from the nearby auto-tellers which have their own small air conditioned hutches, all were occupied. I decided not to disturb the resident's rest and moved on up the street to the banks. As I walked I encountered children sleeping on the hard cobblestones of the footpath under a building's awnings. What would a modern day Dickens do with this? I wonder if Brazil has one.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

Skipper Bob can be a bit of a sad old soul, I try to take care of him (orders from Mary).

I have always thought leading by example a very sound philosophy - life is good, several nice comfy places to sleep, often difficult to make up my mind which one, though the skipper often does it for me, for instance when he half destroys the cabin filling water tanks or working on the engine. I get a regular pat and brush. Food could stand improvement, but there is plenty of it and I am led to understand the stuff he feeds me is good for me (no wonder it tastes so bad). And I have to grizzle a bit, good feline therapy, makes the skipper think what a grumpy, selfish old sod I am, and thereby makes him think better of himself - you see? The fact that I actually am a grumpy, selfish old sod is beside the point. I do what I do best. It's a tough job with few rewards but - the reward of virtue is virtue. Oh what a heavenly cat I am - but you wouldn't know it looking at me. It seems I am working overtime myself . enough .. back to the important things ... Zzzzzzz.