Weekly Progress Report 26 – More fiddly bits

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 30 Aug 2020 06:44

Rebuilding the saloon continues. It is a time consuming process with lots of fiddly bits requiring much thought to ensure things are fitted in the right sequence and so that the joinery ends up of a satisfactory standard. One problem area that has taken far too much time is fitting some new floorboards on the port side of the galley. A stringer runs through the floorboard here and creates a weak point as well as looking unsightly. I have tried to improve the situation; however, am not at all satisfied with the result thus far. If I was fussy I would start again but this refit has taken far too long already, so we will make do with however it turns out.

Meanwhile Kate has started sanding the topsides preparing them for a repaint.


Saloon in progress:


 Less than satisfactory floor boards:


Kate sanding:


All is well.