Next Stop South Korea

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 11 Apr 2014 10:35
1800 Position: 34 03.0 N 130 04.5 E
Course: North nor' west Speed: 5.6 knots
Wind: North east F4 gentle breeze
Sea: slight Swell: North east 1meter
Weather: overcast, mild

We got underway at ten thirty this morning. There was not much wind so I motored for a bit to clear the bay and to find a breeze. It eventually came and even freshened to the point that I had to reduce sail later in the afternoon. The wind has eased again now but we are making a comfortable five plus knots, our ETA at Pusan should be sometime in the morning, so I figure I will leave the reef in unless our speed drops below four knots.

There have been lots of ships going to and fro, and now that the sun has set, I can see many bright lights dotting the horizon all around, presumably squid fishing boats. I shall have to keep a good lookout tonight, but I trust there are no fishing nets out here in the shipping channels.

I am not exactly sure where I am going to go when I get to Pusan tomorrow. I was not able to find out much information so I guess we will see what happens when we get there.

All is well.