Arrived Port Jackson

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 3 Jun 2013 01:48
Position: 33 52.34 S 151 14.06 E
Alongside RANSA marina, Rushcutters Bay
Wind: South west F3 gentle breeze
Seas: calm Swell: nil (except for when a ferry goes past)
Weather: sunny, mild
Day's run 77 nm (since 18.00 yesterday)

I am very happy to report that we had no further dramas last night. The wind vane remained attached to the boat and continued to work well in the rough conditions. I am very glad I noticed the problem before the situation became irretrievable. The series drogue worked well, and the interior of Sylph has remained relatively dry. The spray cloths are once more shredded, but they were on their last legs anyway, so I will buy some canvas and replace them rather than try to repair them.

This morning we were approaching Cape Bailey and at first light I started recovering the drogue. This took over an hour as it is under a lot of load and has to be hauled in using a sheet winch slowly so as not to damage any of the cones. As it was quite a few were damaged so another little job here. At just after seven the drogue was recovered and stowed, the wind had moderated considerable since yesterday so we set the mainsail with two reefs and came onto the wind so as to close the heads. At eight we were officially in Port Jackson and we enjoyed a pleasant sail in the smooth seas and sunshine as we tacked up the harbour. At ten we secured alongside my sailing clubs marina. I have given Sylph a good wash down, now it is time for me to do the same.

All is well.