Ommmm Time Again

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 18 Nov 2009 22:32
Alongside Salvador
Weather: Sunny and warm

Right now I am just a little cranky. This credit card is a bloody disaster Apparently it arrived yesterday, then the story gets confusing, it was delivered to the marina according to the post office, but it was missing some information so was returned to sender.
Daniela says she put the address on as I had emailed her and I put the
address exactly as I was told to by the marina so who knows, looking for
scape goats is pointless unless it means we can ensure the same problem
doesn't happen twice. Apparently the cost of the express mail was 32 real,
that's about US$20, so not cheap and for what?
I am not sure what I can do except wait for Daniela to get the card and send it
to me again, which means I will probably be stuck here until late next week
at the earliest.
I feel like the Universe is lining up against me right now, but guess in the
big picture it could be a lot worse, and I do not have to look far around me
to see exactly how bad life is for many, so will try not to allow this to bother
me too much. I will sleep on it and tomorrow think about whether there is
another tack I can take to alleviate the financial pressure I am starting to feel.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

Food in my bowl, albeit it isn't tuna, a place to sleep. Life is really quite good. Something to sleep on . Zzzzzzzz.