Drifting in Fog

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 16 May 2009 19:12
Noon Position: 41 08.7 N 067 44.6 W
Course: Northeast Speed 1.6 knots
Wind: North, light
Weather: Overcast, cool, fog patches. Sea: slight
Day's Run: 85 miles

Late yesterday afternoon as we passed Nantucket Shoals and bore away slightly to the northeast across the mouth of the Gulf of Maine to make for Nova Scotia, what seems pretty typical for this part of the world, at least every time I have been this way, this being my fourth time outbound, happened once more, the wind dropped, fog wrapped around us, and everything became clammy and cold. Since then I have been busy handling sail pretty regularly, dropping them when its calm to stop the sails from slatting (there is still a bit of a swell running), hoisting the drifter when there is any breeze worth speaking of, and then setting the mainsail and jib again when it freshens sufficiently for them to hold the breeze and not flog themselves to pieces. I also had the unpleasant task of climbing to the masthead this morning to investigate an intermittent fault with the navigation lights which manifested itself last night. I think I have fixed it but that is one of the problems with intermittent faults, you can never be sure whether its fixed or it is just in the intermittent not faulty mode. I guess we will find out tonight. Not that it nav lights are all that helpful in this fog.

We should have a fresh southerly coming tomorrow so hopefully this will have us making an improvement over today's run of only 85 miles, but for now the wind seems to be dieing, the sails are starting to slat, so it might be time to drop sail and drift again for a while.

Bob Cat:

Skipper Bob is in his jack-in-a-box mode again, which is most unfortunate as it has gotten quite chilly, so just when it seems we have gotten all warmed up under the sea-rug he is up again doing whatever he seems compelled to do and then a few minutes later he brings back a draft of cold air and is decidedly clammy. Still this afternoon I have spent some useful hours on deck absorbing the tepid sunshine that ekes through the damp all around us.

Food is the same, but apart from this .

All is well.