Indian Arm

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 19 Jul 2015 02:30

Position: 49 27.80 N 122 52.67 W
Alongside SV Suuhaa, Indian Arm
Wind: mostly light tand variable

Yesterday evening Brad and Tamara eventually arrived and then had to spend much of the evening cleaning up Suuhaa ready to take for a sail the next day. I stayed out of their way until things were settled, and joined them around ten.  We chatted in Suuhaa's cockpit until about midnight, after which we turned in for the night. Brad had plans for a relatively early start so he could get some fishing in on our way to the end of Indian Arm.

I rose at around seven and all seemed quiet next door so I had some breakfast and read until I heard some activity coming from across the dock. I stuck my head up and was a little disconcerted to see Suuhaa pulling away from the marina. I assumed that Brad and Tamara thought I was still sleeping and did not want to disturb me. I quickly had the engine running, and the dock lines back on board and we took off in hot pursuit. Brad obviously saw my departure, hailed me, and slowed Suuhaa down a little so we could catch up.

There was little wind so we ended up motoring the whole way. Brad is very familiar with these waters as he skippers a small landing barge which delivers propane and other supplies to all the houses that are only accessibly by water. He naturally led the way, and after two and a half hours of motoring, they tied up Suuhaa up with a bow line to a pontoon and a stern line ashore, while I tied Sylph up alongside of Suuhaa.

Later in the day a couple of old friends of Brad's arrived in a small runabout.  We enjoyed the day swimming, setting some prawn and crab traps, and in general conversation.  Late in the afternoon we recovered the prawn trap in which there we were pleased to find about fifteen of so large prawns, which made for a very nice entree that night. RC even went for a bit of an explore with us up a creek in the runabout.  I left Suuhaa and returned to Sylph at a little after midnight after a very enjoyable day.

All is well.