Continuing South

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 17 Jul 2011 08:10

Position: 5 miles south of Coffs Harbour
Course: South sou' east Speed: 2 knots
South west, F2 light air
Partly cloudy, cool

After some last minute farewells this morning to the new friends I have made in Coffs Harbour, we sailed from anchor just after one p.m. and proceeded to sea. The wind has been light and will continue so for the next couple of days before turning fresh from the south, hopefully we will make a few miles towards Sydney before then. Fortunately we should have the current with us otherwise I suspect we will be doing a lot of sailing for very little distance.

The new wind vane rudder appears to be working OK, we will no doubt have the opportunity to give it a full trial over the next few days.

All is well.