Kiama Harbour

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 13 Aug 2011 12:13

Position: 34 40.23 S 150 51.57 E
Alongside Kiama Harbour
Wind: East to South east, F2-3 Gentle air to light breeze
Weather: Mostly sunny, mild

We left Wollongong this morning, and in this instance I am not using the royal we of me and my boat, but the more normal we of me and another human being, namely my naval colleague, Rod Nairn, who joined me for this short leg. We tacked against the light south easterly breeze, out past the five islands dotting the coast just off Wollongong, and by late afternoon had made about 15 miles to the south. With the wind fading away and the town of Kiama only a few miles away, we decided to drop the sails, start the engine and motor to the town's small harbour, there to spend a relaxing night alongside rather than drift around all night going nowhere.

We have now returned from a pleasant evening ashore consisting of a filling pub meal and a couple of beers. Tomorrow Rod will return to his hectic hydrographic world and I will attempt to continue to make the best use I can of the light winds which are forecast until about mid next week.

All is well.