Half Way Across

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 31 Jul 2009 12:48
Position: 53 39.6 N 001 58.78 E
Course: East sou'east. Speed 6 knots
Wind: South, moderate
Weather: Sunny, mild
Day's run: 146 nautical miles

By Thomas:

Yesterday we deliberated and stalled on our decision about whether or not to make our dash out through the North Sea. We surveyed a few harbours and anchoring areas but found none to our satisfaction. The wind being favourable we did not so much as make up our mind to go as we did decide not to stay. At any rate, the wind stayed with us throughout the night, and we were blessed with stars above and below us, as the clear sky was echoed by the flashing of sea creatures in our wake. We were also surrounded by the beacons of the oil industry, whose rigs were lit brighter than anything else in the night sea. This morning, the wind continued with us and we sailed past several more rigs, some of which stand upon just one leg, looking like birds nests. For lunch we had turn with mayo and mustard, and a cup of tea/coffee with biscuits. So far so good, in fact the weather has been fairer than it was for most of our time in Scotland .

Bob Cat:

Last night, I lay despondently, at the bottom of a depression, the kibbles in my bowl bouncing merrily as if to mock me. At last I drove myself to cry out, again and again, into Captain Bob's ear, and Lo! He heeded me, replacing the kibbles with a slightly more tolerable mush. And, seizing upon my sudden advances I prowled the galley, and was there rewarded with a bit of tuna. Oh, you cannot imagine the delight I received from this sweet fish. Now, to make good on this sunshine. zzzzz.

(PS Thomas has just finished reading Moby Dick - does it show? Great book!)