Honduras Bank

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 21 Jan 2024 02:25

Position: 41 05.82 S 146 47.91 E
At anchor Honduras Bank, Tamar River
Wind: S, F3
Sea: calm Swell: Nil
Weather: sunny, mild
Day's Run: 27 nm

The wind remained light and fickle for the remainder of yesterday and we ended up having to motor the remaining 25 miles to the Tamar River, then a short distance to find a sheltered spot within its wide banks. At 1818 we turned into the flooding stream, and dropped anchor in six meters of water over the muddy bottom of the Honduras Bank.

Single-handing in coastal waters is generally more tiring than ocean crossings because one has to pay more attention to navigation and keeping a good lookout for small craft which prevail along the coast but are harder to see than big ships and often do not have an active AIS unit. So, after two nights at sea, I have enjoyed a good night of mostly uninterrupted sleep.

The Honduras Bank, while convenient to the Tamar River entrance, is a long way out from the river bank and any convenient place to get ashore, especially when one is relying on a wayward inflatable dinghy. Therefore, later this afternoon when the tide turns I will weigh anchor and proceed with the flooding tide further into the river to the West Arm, which is well sheltered and allows for anchoring close to the shore.

All is well.