Strait Crossed

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 3 Apr 2019 05:28

Position: 40 46.06 S  145 18.16 E
Alongside Fisherman’s Harbour, Stanley
Wind: SSW,  F6 – strong breeze
Sea: slight. Swell: nil
Weather: mostly sunny, cool
Day’s run:  126 nm

We have made it across Bass Strait with only a minor price to pay, namely a cold front passing through at about 1030 this morning.  I was expecting it but was hoping that we might make it into Stanley before it arrived, but no such luck.  Also, I had intended to remain to the west of Stanley so as to be able to bear away before it if we did not make it in before its arrival, but unfortunately I allowed Sylph to end up north of Stanley overnight so that this morning when the front came through we found ourselves beating to windward with two reefs in the mainsail and the jib partially furled. At least by this stage we were getting some protection from the seas with Stanley Peninsular providing a lee. Sylph punched her way nicely through the short seas that remained with spray flying over the bow. Three tacks gained us the weather of the boat harbour, where we then started the engine and handed sail. We motored through its narrow rock-lined entrance and looked around for somewhere to tie up.  The fisherman’s harbour, as its name suggests, is a commercial facility and does not normally cater for yachts; however, with the weather we were experiencing and the forecast for strong and shifting winds over the next several days, there is no other shelter nearby, and certainly nowhere that would be a safe anchorage. As we motored in, we spotted three men chatting on the wharf. We manoeuvred in their direction.  Kate stood on the foredeck and chatted with them over the breeze. I suspect having a lady on board has some significant advantages at times for without any ado, they kindly directed us to a spot in the corner of the harbour where we have now settled.

Overall, our crossing of Bass Strait has been quite a pleasant experience.  Now it is time for a leg stretch.

All is well.


Oli secured for sea:



Approaching Stanley: