Torn Headsail

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 14 Feb 2016 21:25
Noon Position: 19 39.3 N 137 19.2 W
Course: West Speed: 7 knots
Wind: North east, F5 fresh breeze
Sea: slight Swell: north east 2.5 meter
Weather: cloudy, mild
Day's run: 166 nm

It got a little windy yesterday. I was going to drop the pole, set the headsail to port then drop the mainsail so as to move the centre of effort forward, which would make the ride a little easier and the windvane would not have had to work so hard, but in the process of shifting the headsail across it tore across a panel towards the foot and about a third of the way out from the luff. Consequently I have had to furl most of the headsail up and now we are having to rely on the mainsail. So that rather messed up my plan for improving the sail balance. Fortunately Sylph being of an older full keel design is pretty forgiving with out of balance sail plans so we press on and continue to make pretty good time under double reefed mainsail and a scrap of headsail. I have a spare headsail, but will need to wait until the wind drops or until we get to Hawaii to change it over.

Despite this minor setback we are making much better progress through the lumpy seas of the North Pacific than I am through Sartre's turgid prose, where I am heaved to in a heavy gale struggling to stay afloat. I think I might abandon Sartre and read a children's book instead - “Pookie Aleera is Not My Boyfriend” is on my Kindle (for a children's literature unit – if you must ask). I should be up to that, I think.

All is well.