Day 49 – Fair Wind and Following Seas

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 31 Jan 2022 19:39
Noon Position: 51 24.9 S 097 23.1 W
Course: E Speed: 4.5 knots
Wind: S, F3 Sea: slight
Swell: WSW 3 meters
Weather: overcast, cool
Day’s Run: 146nm

Sylph has made another good day’s run with a fair wind and following seas, though this forenoon the wind has backed into the south and eased such that we are now down to 4.5 knots. Fortunately the three meter swell is still from astern so we are not rolling too much and the sails remain full and drawing.
Sylph’s communications and shore manager, Wayne, has contacted the Beta Marine agent about the engine. His advice is to stop somewhere and obtain the service of a professional, otherwise run the engine up to operating temperature under load to clear any gunk out of the system. He thinks it unlikely that there would be a problem with the pressure relief valve or the pressure sender. So, seeing as I do not intend to pull in anywhere for engine repairs, I ran the BRM for a while this forenoon and the alarm, after initially sounding sporadically, did go quiet, and the oil still appears clean on the dip stick and under the rocker cover, all good signs. From here I will run the engine about once a week for general maintenance but otherwise will avoid using it, which, given the length and nature of this voyage, was always the plan.
The forecast for the next several days looks good with mostly light to moderate winds. However, unfortunately communications with Wayne via HF radio is starting to become unreliable. Consequently we will try again tonight but if no success will likely resort to emails via satellite phone which I will then relay to Coconut via HF radio.
Very little marine life to be seen over the last several days apart from a few Antarctic Fulmars, a relatively small gull-like bird.
Distance to Cape Horn: 1092nm.
All is well.