Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 28 Jun 2012 05:03

At anchor Hobsons Bay
Wind: N F5, fresh breeze
Weather: mostly sunny, cool

At long last I have finished painting the side decks:


I am not terribly happy with the final result, especially the gloss part as it has come out rather rough looking. I need to spend a lot more time on preparing the old surface but wanted to get it finished. And today's conditions were not ideal for painting, anchored about 200 meters of a sand beach with about 20 knots of wind blowing. Not to worry, today I painted the non-skid section and a bit of extra grit won't go astray.

On the way here yesterday I caught some sky writing, someone proposing. I wonder how that went.



This afternoon caught up on some rope work, including replacing the snubber for the anchor cable. What shall I do now, maybe have another go at the heater?

All is well.