And Into The Tasman Sea

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 27 Jul 2012 03:55

Noon Position: 37 25.4 S 150 03.0 E
Course: North Speed: 6 knots
Wind: South-west F4 moderate breeze
Weather: sunny, mild
Day's run: 94 nm

We had a patch of calm late yesterday afternoon which had us drifting around Bass Strait gong nowhere in a hurry. At about the same time I received a call on VHF from a vessel called the “Swissco” advising me that Sylph was standing into a restricted area. I thanked him for the advice and then coaxed Sylph's bow more towards the east to remain clear. Fortunately a short while later the wind picked up a little from the NNW so we were able to continue on our way without drifting into any oil exploration activity, or whatever it is that they are up to in their restricted area.

From there we have had a peaceful sail overnight and this morning we rounded Gabo Island and are now officially clear of Bass Strait and out into the Tasman Sea. Winter sailing off this part of Australia is some of the best, with crisp clear sunshine, a cool breeze blowing off the land and relatively calm seas. Of course there is a front due to come through tomorrow which will liven things up, bringing some wind and rain and lumpy seas.  But that is tomorrow, for now ...

All is well.