Arrived Nuuk

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 6 Jul 2008 21:24
Position: 64 10 N 051 44 W
Alongside Nuuk, Greenland
Day's Run (4/5): 139 miles

We've made it! After a long tiring 24 hours avoiding icebergs yesterday
morning we closed the coast and approached Nuuk from the southern entrance,
Narsaaq Lob. The entrance is through a chain of small islands fringing the
coast and passing the entrance to a couple of fjords. The coastline is
mountainous, rocky and rugged with patches of snow covering the mountains
and of course higher and further inland it is all ice and snow. Within the
Narsaaq Lob the wind died and it was 33 miles of motoring. At 4 p.m. we
entered harbour and came alongside what looks like was a Colin Archer style
rescue boat from the late 19th century. I had called up the Harbour Master
a few times on my approach but received no response so without any other
guidance and as there seemed no one else around to ask directions decided
this looked as good a place as any to tie up.
Once secure I cleaned up a little then went in search of the Harbour
Master's office to see about customs and immigrations formalities. Being
late Saturday afternoon I didn't hold much hope of finding anything open
which proved to be the case. By this stage I was definitely feeling the
effects of want of sleep so I fired up the heater, made some dinner and, now
full and warm, crawled into the voluminous V-Berth where Bob Cat joined me
for a long nights (not dark and stormy) sleep.

Bob Cat:

Now here's an unusual combination, the boat (OK, so I figured this thing is
boat - maybe I've been in denial for the past four weeks but I'm a house
cat, not a boat cat and I'm too old to change now) is not moving, the loud
noisy thing under the floor is not running, the heater is on, skipper Bob's
in the bunk and not moving, no noisy alarms going off, and I am toasty warm
sleeping beside the fireside (next to skipper Bob).