Swinging at anchor

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 10 Dec 2020 05:38
At anchor Tangoio Bay
Wind: NW F4-5  Sea: slight  Swell: negligible
Weather: sunny, warm
Gusty north-westerlies today have had Sylph swinging and snubbing impatiently at her anchor chain. waiting for the next favourable weather pattern for continuing south. Monitoring the “Marine Traffic” website has shown that two yachts headed out from Napier last Tuesday and have indeed made good time down the coast with mostly fair conditions. Needless to say, we are slightly annoyed at ourselves for not having left at the same time. Still, the fact is for various reasons we were not ready to depart so we will use this missed opportunity as an exercise in developing crew communication skills. As a long-term single hander, it would seem mine are a bit like Sylph’s bilges were until recently, all too rusty.
Otherwise, we progress chores that will have us better prepared for our next foray out of Hawkes Bay. Today I serviced the sheet winches and Kate has restowed the port settee locker. When the wind drops, likely tomorrow, I will hoist the trysail to refamiliarize myself with its setting and to ensure that the track, sail and hardware are all in good order. Another job is to improve Sylph’s third reef point system. The current setup requires the first reef line to be transferred to the third reef point when needed, but when a third reef is needed the sea is invariably rough, so transferring the reef line out on the end of the boom can be a hazardous business. Now not being quite as agile or as strong as I was a few years back, it seems a good idea to make the arrangement a little more crew friendly.
And looking ahead at the weather forecasts, a favourable pattern might be developing early next week. So, the plan is to move back alongside Napier Sailing Club on Friday or Saturday to once more top up supplies and prepare for a possible departure on Tuesday. Hopefully this time we will get away.
All is well.