Drat! An Iceberg.

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 7 Aug 2008 15:51
Noon Position: 64 26.1 N 055 52.7 W

Course: South Speed: 5 knots

Wind: East northeast, moderate breeze

Weather: overcast

Daily run: 69 miles

Drat! Saw an iceberg this morning, haven't seen one for days which I was very happy about. Consequently I have wound my watch timer down to 15 minutes. Hopefully I won't see any more for . well, actually, if I never see one again will be just fine. We came, we saw, and we took lots of photos . that'll do.

We continue to make good progress, I have remained well clear of the Greenland coast in the hope that there will be fewer icebergs out here. The source of icebergs between Kap Farvel and Disko Bay is from the east coast, which round Kap Farvel, then get caught up and swept north in the East Coast Current. My theory is if I get out beyond the East Coast Current I will encounter less icebergs as well as make better time. The other factor to consider is the wind which looking at the forecast suggests I should be staying in a little closer. For now I am going to remain out wide, I would rather go a little slower then go fast and crash into an iceberg.

It's getting darker for longer now as well. I have had to switch on the navigation lights for the past two nights, haven't done that for close to a month. The bergs are obviously a lot harder to see in the dark. Definitely the right time to be leaving Arctic waters.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

I have a twitch in my whiskers, my old feline instincts tell me that at last we are heading in the direction of The Annapolis Bookstore - there are a couple of ladies I need to see about a job in a window. Battery powered cat, indeed! Mind you, being a boat cat isn't too bad either, I s'pose, it could be worse. But don't tell anyone I said that, especially skipper Bob, or the Bookstore ladies.