Arrived Robe, South Australia

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 2 Oct 2011 07:05

Position 37 09.68 S 139 45.01 E
Alongside Robe Marina
Wind: South sou' east, F3-4 gentle to moderate breeze
Weather: partly cloudy, cool
Day's run: 177 (29 hours)

We have arrived Robe after another good day's sail. Last time I was here was about 12 years ago. Back then one could come in and tie up alongside the canal wall for free as there was no marina in the boat harbour, but this time as I came in there were signs which said that tying up in the canal was prohibited and fines applied, so I continued on into the boat harbour and found an empty berth at a pontoon. Once secured I jumped ashore to investigate and found a sign which said it was prohibited to tie up without prior approval, fines applied. Bother! The world is obviously out to get us poor yachtie bums, no free rides on this planet any more.

I have managed to obtain a couple of phone numbers and left some messages so hopefully there will be some reasonable human beings somewhere in this chain of silly bureaucracy. But for now I am locked up on the marina pontoon with nowhere else to go. Welcome back Sylph to home waters, sort of.

All is well.