Departed Port Phillip

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 29 Jun 2021 03:08
Noon Position: 38 19.0 S 144 35.9 E
Course: SW Speed 3.5 knots
Wind: NW, F3 Sea: slight Swell: S 1 meter
Weather: sunny, cool
Days run: 33 nm

I have enjoyed the past week catching up with my youngest brother Mark and his family including a day sail on Port Phillip yesterday. And on Sunday we had the added bonus of an unscheduled visit my my oldest brother, John. Thank you Mark and Mon for all your hospitality.

Now, with Melbourne family caught up and with a fair breeze forecast for the next few days, today seemed a good day to continue on our way to Adelaide. Slack water at the Rip was at 1300 which required an early start so as to be able to make the 30 miles across Port Phillip before the tide turned to flood, which, if we didn't make it in time, had the potential to produce nasty overfalls with the stream against the northerly breeze. To this end, we slipped the mooring at St Kilda at 0600 and motored for much of the forenoon in very light winds.

At 0930 the wind picked up sufficiently to allow sail to be set and the motor shut down for a few hours but, as we approached Port Phillip Heads, the wind turned light and flukey so, not wanting to be caught by the flooding tide, we once more flashed up the BRM. At 1145 we were clear of the Rip, and had sufficient breeze to be able to set sail once more. Winds are light at the moment but should pick up later in the afternoon.

I haven’t yet made up my mind where we will stop next. The forecast predicts strong NW winds on Thursday for about 24 hours, after which it is expected to ease and back into the SW making for a beam reach across Encounter Bay to Kangaroo Island and Backstairs Passage. Alternatively, we could hole up in Portland for a few days and wait for more favourable winds, but often getting around Cape Banks can prove problematic with winds turning from fair to foul before one can get across Encounter Bay. And then there are the additional concerns of border crossings and the various state rules managing our movements these days. Robe is always a nice spot to visit and I figure would be a good place to get the mandated COVID test for entering into South Australia.

At this stage I will just push on and see what happens.

All is well.