Day Eight - Belated Preparations in Rocky Bay

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 22 Dec 2021 08:18
Position: At anchor Rocky Bay
Wind: Calm, Sea: calm, Swell: nil
Weather: overcast with passing showers, cool

I have spent the day continuing repairs and preparations that I should have done prior to departing Adelaide.
The starboard spray cloth has had a new cringle sewn into it, I have rigged new sheets to the staysail and I have climbed the mast to check the rig - all appears to be in good order. And I have managed to straighten out the port cockpit rail by giving it several hard kicks with my back braced against the boom.
In the way of preparing for the next bout of heavy weather, I have rigged the secondary drogue (an old tire) ready to go from the quarterdeck. I also checked the primary drogue (a Jordan series drogue) which I keep ready to go in the aft cockpit locker. This was just as well as the chain that is attached to its tail end had shifted due to Sylph's at times heavy rolling during the first gale and slipped into a hard to access crevice which, while merely a nuisance to restow when at anchor, would have been something approaching a nightmare when at sea in a freshening gale. The chain is now secured in a bucket on deck where it is readily accessible and cannot move (I also need it for the tyre drogue).
In the last hour the wind has dropped right off to near calm. It is tempting to get moving, but the forecast for this evening is for thirty knots whereas tomorrow morning it is expected to ease to less than twenty. I figure every extra day of rest I can give my injured hand the sooner it will be fully recovered which, in turn, I hope will allow me to deal with the next gale in a more seaman-like manner than the first on of the voyage.
Now it is time for dinner. A vegie curry is being reheated on the stove top and a fresh loaf of bread has just come out of the oven.

All is well.