Hollander Fligende

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 15 May 2011 00:01
Noon Position: 19 04.5 S 169 43.7 W
Course: South west Speed: 5 knots
Wind: East, F3/4 gentle to moderate breeze
Weather: Mostly overcast, passign rain squalls, warm, moderate seas
Day's run: 129 miles

I am the Flying Dutchman, cursed to roam the seas under perpetual self-inflicted damnation, only allowed onshore every seven years in search of a virgin maiden who alone can release me from my curse….. or so it seems right now. As we approached Niue this morning we have been beset by rain squalls, one after the other, with the wind doing its usual antics making holding a course very difficult and leading me to doubt very much whether we will be able to stop here either.  But we will give it a go. As we closed the island I noticed that while the northern end of the island is continuously covered in cloud and rain the southern end was clear, its green slopes shining brightly in the sunshine. As it seems the wind wishes to push us south at the moment, rather than fight the local weather deity I have adjusted course and trimmed sails to take us around the southern sunny side, it looks much more appealing. It is an additional 20 miles this way but I am in no hurry, or perhaps there be Sirens here waiting to beguile me. I think I need a beer.

All is well.