Max Joins the Ship

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 7 Aug 2007 20:45

Position:  Still in St. John’s.


Max, our new crew member joined in the small hours of Monday morning, arriving with the much needed engine part.  When we greeted Max it did not take long before we were looking at the part to ensure it was the right one, I am pleased to say that it was, so the rest of Monday we spent getting the engine back together.  It took a while and included having to move the engine around, a very heavy lump of metal, to install the new mounts and fit the flexible coupling.  Considering the lack of proper facilities and a qualified mechanic it all went pretty well, but I will feel a lot more confident after a few hours of running the engine.  I shall certainly be watching it very closely for quite some time.

Today has been devoted to tasks miscellaneous and, subject to weather we will sail tomorrow.  We will find our iceberg yet.

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