Departed Kangaroo Island

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 21 Apr 2013 03:28
Position: 37 11.1 S 139 31.8 E
Course: South east Speed: 8 knots
Wind: North east F5 fresh breeze
Sea: moderate Swell: North east, 1 meter
Weather: overcast, steady drizzle
Day’s run: 120 nm

Grapeshot and Sylph departed Christmas Cove in company at two thirty yesterday afternoon to a light nor’easterly which soon became not only light, but also very fickle, and had both boats tacking back and forth across the modest incoming tide, consequently neither of us got very far for several hours. Towards sunset Tino decided to motor for a bit to try to clear Backstairs Passage and perhaps find a better breeze clear of the Strait. I followed suit for a while, but soon got bored with motoring, and in any event I think Sylph’s prop needs another de-barnacling, so, after a mere half hour, I gave it up and reverted to sailing again. This allowed Tino to get a little ahead of Sylph, but the breeze soon filled in and had Sylph making a nice steady four knots. Once clear of Cape Willoughby, the eastern most point of Kangaroo Island, the wind freshened further and had Sylph bowling along at seven knots. Thus, with the freshening breeze and Sylph’s longer waterline, we had to say farewell to Tino, as Sylph forged ahead leaving Grapeshot astern.

Overnight we have made excellent progress, Sylph’s sped over the rising seas, lit by a bright half moon, at a rock solid seven knots, and now, as we approach Cape Dombey just off Robe, we are sitting on a steady eight knots, so presumable we have a little current behind us as well.

RC seems to have his sea legs, or should I say his sea sleep, in order. He has not budged from the settee berth since leaving Penneshaw.

Conditions are overcast and drizzly as a trough passes through the area. The trough should pass over us later this evening and, once past, the winds will back into the west, which should work out very well for us, as by then we should be past Cape Banks and be in a position to be able to bear away before it.

All is well.