Cascais, Portugal

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 5 Sep 2009 12:17
Position: 38 41.76 N 009 24.87 W

At anchor Cascais (just outside Lisbon)
Wind: North , fresh .
Weather: sunny, mild.

Day's run: 157 miles

A much better run yesterday, 157 miles in just over 24 hours, that's a bit more like it, in fact we are now at anchor at a place called Cascais. It is a short train ride into Lisbon from here so this seems the cheapest option for seeing a bit of Portugal for now. Well I must clear in yet so will provide fuller details tomorrow.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

"It would be interesting to know the feelings of a migrant animal, when the moment has arrived for it to perform its journey. The swallow at the end of the summer, the salmon when, having attained its maximum weight, it feels that the time has come for it to go up into the rivers, the fresh-water eel at the approach of its first and final breeding season, must feel I imagine, much as a man might feel when suddenly converted, or who finds himself compelled by an irresistible urge to perform some hazardous and disagreeable enterprise. Some power within them - an immanent god - commands them to change their comfortable way of life for a new and arduous existence. There is no disobeying this command; the god compels. If eels could formulate their theories of ethics, they would be eloquent, I am sure, about the categorical imperative and the compulsive character of the sense of duty." Aldous Huxley, Jesting Pilate, 1926

Eels or skipper Bob when he feels the need to circumnavigate. Fortunately I have no such compulsions, I am quite happy to sleep anywhere that is warm and comfortable. The dinghy is off the skylight which has let a bit of sunshine into my bunk. Delightful ... Zzzzzzzz.