Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 24 Oct 2018 07:19

Position: 36 12.81 S  150 07.75 E
At anchor Wagonga Inlet
Wind: S   F4 - moderate breeze
Weather: overcast, cool

Since pulling into Narooma for the first time earlier this year, it seems to have become one of Sylph’s favourite haunts. Yesterday afternoon we were about four miles short of the entrance when the wind abandoned us and left Sylph once more rolling with sails slatting in the sloppy seas.  Being so close to our destination, I furled the jib and started the engine.  We arrived off the entrance right on low water which meant the stream was still pouring out and, with the nor-east swell rolling in, there was a small break across it.  I circled off a few times to assess the conditions then, satisfied that the breaking waves were well within Sylph’s abilities, turned her bow shorewards. I revved up the engine and held onto the tiller tightly as we crossed the entrance under the gaze of several onlookers standing on the southern breakwater.  No waves broke and a few moments later in the still waters of the inlet.

At 16.00 we came to anchor in three meters in what is now our usual spot. I could see Sylph’s anchor clearly visible through the pristine clear waters of Wagonga Inlet, reassuringly buried in its sandy bottom.  I looked around and contemplated the strange feeling of feeling strange that Kate was not with me.

All is well.