Turtlely Dude!

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 1 Feb 2018 03:55

Noon Position: 37 16.9 S 150 55.6 E
Course: NNE Speed 5 knots
Wind: SW – F3 gentle breeze
Sea: moderate
Swell: SSW 2.5 meters
Weather: overcast, occasional shower, mild
Day’s Run: 143 nm

We had been making fine progress running close to the coast; however, the wind had been slowly backing from the south-west into the south which tended to push us closer to the shore. During daylight hours I could keep a close eye on Sylph’s heading and the navigation but come dusk we were within half a mile of the shore and approaching Montague Island. I decided it was time to gybe and head offshore for the night so I could relax a little and get some sleep. Once we had gybed I found that we were now getting pushed further out to the east then I had anticipated. I decided to let it go, hold course for the night and make our way back in towards land in the morning. Another thing I had not counted on was the East Australia Current. Within a mile of the coast it is negligible and you often get some favourable counter currents, but offshore it is invariably a knot or two, if not more, against the north bound vessel. Furthermore, with a strong southerly wind against the southerly current the seas kick up significantly which makes for a very bouncy ride. Consequently, what little rest I did get last night was of rather poor quality.

Nonetheless, despite these little challenges we have made another satisfying day’s run though not as well as I  was hoping.  I was hoping to make it to Kate’s place this evening in time for dinner (Kate has mentioned barbecue chicken and gluten free cheese cake) but sadly the EAC has put a kibosh on that plan. ETA Wollongong is now closer to midnight. Bother!  Oh well, hopefully it will still be on offer tomorrow night.

Turtlely, all is well.


Passing Point Perpendicular, Jervis Bay:

Beecroft Head: