Over the Tail

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 1 Jun 2009 16:39
Noon Position: 43 05 0 N 049 30.0 W
Course: East Speed 5 knots
Wind: South, moderate
Weather: Fog, cool. Sea: slight on a low swell
Day's Run: 108 miles

As young Dawn with her rose-red fingers shone once more . well not exactly
rose-red in this part of the world, more like wispish grey really, in this
fog enshrouded sea, I looked around and noticed that the swell was
significantly shorter and steeper then last evening. I turned on the echo
sounder, 69 meters, sure enough we were over the Grand Banks, the Tail, to
be precise. The shoaling water was causing the swell to0 shorten, At 9.35 am
the depth increased to over 100 meters again, a good indication of our
position which tied in quite nicely with my dead reckoning, and the swell
has lengthened out again. We are now heading east skirting the reported
southern limit of icebergs, of which we should be clear about midnight, then
we can lay a more direct course for Ireland, northeast by east or

Thick fog continues, sure hope there's nothing out there.

All is well

Bob Cat:

Thick fog, cold weather and hard tack. Let me know when we're having fun
will you. In the meantime .. Zzzzzz.