Prince Rupert - Photos;

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Bob Williams
Sat 16 May 2015 02:21

Prince Rupert – Photos

Alongside Rushbrook Public Floats, Prince Rupert
Weather: overcast, cool

It turns out that after staying alongside for five days here at the Rushbrook Floats that it is cheaper to pay for the month, so, having paid for the month, it seems silly not to get one's money's worth. Consequently, as well as having a bit of a look around, I have gotten stuck into some much needed routine maintenance, namely painting the foredeck. I finished this job today but now am de-rusting and painting the fisherman anchor, which lives on the foredeck, so that it does not bleed rust onto Sylph's now pristine deck. I feel very pleased that I have at long last been able to give Sylph some much needed TLC.

The marina (or float as it appears to be called in this part of the world) is very crowded. We have moved from where we were originally tied up, outboard of another yacht, to outboard of a derelict looking fishing boat. While it might be nice to have a slightly higher class of neighbour, at least I can be quite sure that the vessel is not going to want to get under way any time soon, nor do I need to be concerned about other vessels wanting to raft up outboard of us if we were directly alongside the float. So I am quite content where I am. Certainly my neighbour is not the worst of the crowd we find ourselves among. Many of the boats here are well past their heyday, and indeed a number of them are quite probably beyond hope. For a lover of boats there are some very sad sights here. On the other hand, there are also a number of timber fishing boats that are quite well maintained, in a variety of styles, which have kept me intrigued for a number of hours as I studied them and admired the various construction techniques involved. For those of a similar mind (not many I know) I have tried to capture some of them on 'film', but not very satisfactorily I am afraid.

All is well.


Sylph’s freshly painted foredeck:



RC keeps a close eye on the docks from the vantage point of our neighbour’s boat:



Our neighbour:



Boats that have seen better days:


Even has moss growing in profusion on its decks:


And the name:


This one is going free, sans engine:


A pair of bald headed eagles keep an eye on things:


While RC takes a break: