Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 1 Aug 2008 23:51
Position: Alongside Ilulissat
Wind: Light & variable
Weather: Fog early followed by sunshine

I've gone and done it again, it's Ilulissat, not Ililissat. All these
vowels jumbled up together, very confusing. Today was a low key day, a
little shopping and I got to see one of the greatest sights of the world -
the Isfjord, lots and lots of very large icebergs all in very close
proximity to one another. Actually I was expecting to be able to see the
glacier but that is back up the fjord some 20 miles so now I am glad that I
went all the way up Eghedsfjord to see the glacier when I did. The glacier
here used to be a lot closer but it has receded almost 30 km since its
position was recorded in 1870 (and I should note that you can't actually
attribute much of it to global warming caused by us).
We are now into husky territory. An interesting features of my walk this
afternoon was seeing all the dogs. As I approached the outskirts of town -
about five minutes from the harbour - the open spaces became increasing
occupied by dogs, mostly on chains, some in cages, and their trappings -
kennels, food, large water containers, huts and sleds hung up in various
positions. Presumably this is their season off, when they can bask in the
sun - I've never seen a dog molting before - probably bored if the truth be
known, just waiting for winter to get back in the traps and go crazy. The
landscape must be totally transformed in the winter, I find it hard to
imagine how cold it must get. In fact it has surprised me how warm it has
been in general, I have the heater on now but I think this has been the
first time I have lit it since leaving Newfoundland.

Bob Cat:

Quite a pleasant day, got a fair quota of work done and I am pleased with my
training regime thus far. I am confident I will be in good shape to apply
for the window job at the Annapolis Bookstore by the time we get back. In
between my rigorous training schedule I have been trying to honor my
commitment to Miss Mary, monitoring skipper Bob's mental health and keeping
him company. He was out on the patio this afternoon reading so I thought I
would go and let him pat me for a while but what a shock when I skipped up
the companionway (actually it's a bit of a haul, a real chin up). I have
become rather used to seeing some disturbing sights in recent months but out
the back beyond the patio was a sight that shocked even imperturbable me, a
scene beyond description. Rocks upon rocks emerging from the water, houses
on the rocks all a kilter, and just behind us strange looking people, lots
of them, in little boats all jostling around making a fuss doing goodness
knows what. I froze, took a good look around and decided that this was
beyond the call of duty and headed back below.
But now I am cozy by the heater and,
All is well.